Top Interior Design Trends of 2020: From Home Offices to Two-Tone Kitchens

Originally posted by Wall Street Journal on August 16, 2020.

People simply have more time and are going to greater lengths to plan out and to seek inspiration for their dream home, says Kate Rumson, founder of The Real Houses of IG, a home-and-design Instagram account with 2.4 million followers. Many are in the process of building their homes, she adds, and they are committed to making perfect choices, no matter how small. Questions about wall colors, window treatments, and furniture that appear in the background of photos she posts are frequent fodder. “My followers do care about every detail,” she says.

These days, many are ushering in brass-adorned kitchen cabinets and high-contrast living rooms, and are rethinking office areas. They seem to be saying goodbye to the all-white kitchen, acoustically challenged open-floor plan, and unequipped outdoor space.

Homeowners also are moving away from a single style of home throughout—be it contemporary or farmhouse—toward mixing and matching décor elements, says Houzz editor Anne Colby.

The company had a 58% surge in demand for home-renovation and design professionals in June 2020, compared with June 2019.

“We’ve seen particularly strong interest in major outdoor projects,” says Ms. Colby.

Today’s homeowners are mindful of overall size, choosing realistic footprints. “We’re not in a period of economic optimism…the dreams are somewhat different,” says Catherine Wallack, an architectural archivist at the University of Arkansas and a trained architect. “The marketed dream home is something that’s aspirational, but it’s possible.”

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