On-Trend Kitchen and Bath Upgrades

Originally posted by The Southern Maryland Chronicle on August 12, 2020.

Kitchens and bathrooms remain among the top picks for homeowners looking to upgrade because their functional contributions to the household can’t be overstated, and they typically provide a high return on investment.

If you’re considering a renovation project for either in-demand space, consider some of these on-trend ideas from Doug King, CR, MBA, owner of King Contracting, Inc. and president of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

Bigger functional spaces. Not only do many kitchen renovations result in added square footage, but they also add practical features to make living and entertaining more comfortable and enjoyable. When it comes to physical space, a popular choice is removing or relocating walls to make the room larger. 

This added space can be instrumental in adding an island or peninsula for bar seating, which many homeowners view as a necessity when it comes to entertaining. Other features like ice makers, tall wine refrigerators, and walk-in pantries are high on the frequent request list. Another growing trend is a kitchen designed for two, complete with a second full-size sink, dishwasher, and microwave drawer, along with a larger island.

Clever storage. Making the most of storage space has always been a top desire, and homeowners are getting increasingly clever about how to maximize their cabinetry. Drawer organizers are in high demand, along with pull-out wastebaskets that hide recycling bins within. Another popular approach is large base cabinets with pivoting shelving mechanisms for storing large items like mixers and other taller countertop appliances. Making use of every inch of space is common; even the toe-kick area for drawers is proving useful to hold smaller items or put kid-friendly essentials in easy reach.

Feature-rich appliances. Appliance manufacturers are adding all kinds of bells and whistles, and those features are increasingly attractive to homeowners. Upper-end appliances are becoming more mainstream as homeowners discover features the more expensive models offer for ease of use and comfort. Larger freezer and column-style refrigerators are especially growing in popularity.

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