Fall In Love With Your Home

Originally written by Kathy Knotts and published by Bay Weekly.

We’ve spent more time than usual at home this year, for better or worse. All the extra hours have meant more time to notice those projects you’ve been meaning to get to—for years. 

Some of us have managed to tackle a to-do list or two, as industry reports indicate. We spent our extra hours making improvements around the house, from creating home offices to building outdoor decks. 

The Home Improvement Research Institute estimates a spending increase of 8.7 percent on home improvement products so far in 2020. Since March, spending on building materials, garden equipment, and supplier dealers has increased 7.6 percent, according to the US Department of Commerce.  

Local businesses have certainly noticed this uptick in pandemic projects and remind us that fall is a good time to evaluate your home improvement wish list. Now’s the time to think about the steps you need to take to love your home in the years to come. 

“Everyone is appreciating their homes more now than before the pandemic,” says John Johnson, president of Creative Spaces Remodeling in Edgewater.  

If your home will serve as your office or school throughout the winter months, it’s important to address issues that may have been noticed but tolerable during winters past. Johnson says that making your family comfortable throughout your house should be a priority, especially in family rooms and kitchens, the major hubs of most homes.  

“Now that homeowners are cooking at home so much more, countertop space, cabinet space, and just more open space are needed. Many people are finding that they actually need to add an addition or an additional level to their home in order to make the space they desperately need, but do not want to move and/or deal with all the expenses associated with buying a new home. We have crunched the numbers many times with our clients to find that it’s usually better financially to remodel your existing home than to move.”

Consider where workspaces are needed, not only for parents but also for children attending school online. 

“Soundproofing can be a nice improvement when you have several members of the family trying to focus on their work and having conversations all at the same time,” says Johnson. 

While tackling a major remodeling project right now isn’t the best idea, smaller projects or planning steps can be squeezed in before the holidays. “Now is the time to hire a design/build remodeler, to just get your thoughts on paper and not be rushed during the design process,” Johnson advises. “It’s always better to take your time through the design process in order to make sure every detail is well planned and reviewed so the construction goes smoothly and you get a chance to really think about what you need and want from your new space.” 

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