2023 Summer Trends

These trends might be hot this summer, but design experts predict that many are here to stay. As sustainable living moves into the mainstream spotlight, many homeowners are choosing to renovate their homes for the long term and make the most of every space available. From ceilings-turned-canvases to rooftop lounges, Houzz Blog’s “2023 Houzz [...]

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Ruvin Bros. in North Shore Living

As originally published in North Shore Living, February 2023 issue. Ruvin Bros. is one of Southeastern Wisconsin's trusted design/build construction firms for new construction, remodeling, and additions. Since 1987, they have distinguished themselves by providing comprehensive, budget-conscious, design/build services for new and existing homes. They are proud to provide the community with a superlative experience [...]

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Which Trends Will Reign in 2022?

Since folks have been spending extra time at home in the past year-and-a-half, they are paying more attention than ever before to their living quarters. Crucially, homeowners feel their homes should more closely represent themselves—a notion with which the Ruvin Bros. team could not agree more. For 2022, the experts predict this freedom of creativity [...]

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The Best Design Inspiration—and Entertainment—on Instagram

Are you crazy about architectural design like us? If so, check out Katie Angen’s article on the best design meme pages on Instagram. Some of the pages will inspire you, then Ruvin Bros. can swoop in and make your dreams a reality. Other pages will entertain you, and others will baffle you, but all of [...]

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Home Remodels To Put on Your List This Fall

Although summer is the most popular time for home remodeling, the cooler months bring with them their own special spots to work on in your dwelling. For instance, you’ll need to check on your roof, make sure your attic is in order, and replace old windows. Once you identify the areas of need, contact Ruvin [...]

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